BRIT IRON REBELS LOCAL SWAG PICKUP                                                                  
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If you will pick up your swag in person, you can save shipping charges.

You'll need to make arrangements with the swagmaster for pickup at an LA Clan meeting, ride or event (Toss, etc).

To get PayPal to charge you $0 in shipping, you'll need to jump through a hoop, adding a special Ship To address to your order.

In the final payment screen on PayPal:

(1) Next to "Ship To: click "Change"
Click "Add" to add a new Ship To address
(3) Enter the following shipping address, exactly as shown:

Street Address:  Pickup


State: Armed Forces America  

Zip: 34099


Them's the magic words. You will pay $0 in shipping, and can arrange to pick up your order.