Dave Haynes
Limey Dave BIR# 179

I got hooked on motorbikes because my dad rode them in his youth. after he stopped riding and I was growing up, he still bring home copies of Motorcycle News (MCN), and other mags to keep up on the latest models and motorcycle scene in general.

Well, I'd read em' when he was done and that was pretty much how I got hooked.

My dad had various bikes in the 1950's including a BSA 250, BSA 650 Golden Flash, and then a brand new Triumph Tiger Cub. He then had a couple of scooters (DKW and Zundapp) mainly to appease my mum when they got married "better weather protection" and "not as noisy" he said.  When I came along, my mum persuaded him to sell the scooter and buy a car, oh well!.

I couldn't wait to get my first bike which happened shortly after my 16th birthday. I bought a rather used 1975(4?) 50cc Yamaha FS1E "Fizzer" for 150 quid - a purple one, the Holy Grail of mopeds. From that point on there was no looking back as I bought/rode/sold various Japanese machines including a Yamaha RD 200, RD 400, DT 250, Honda CB 250, CB 550 & CB 900.

1973 Norton Commando


1967 Triumph Bonneville

I always loved and wanted an old Brit bike, but they weren't in vogue in the late 70's and 80's, and none of my mates had them. We all rode Japanese bikes because they were cheap, reliable and the 2-strokes were FAST!. Growing up in England, we'd meet and hang out in rocker friendly pubs. My local was the "Dog & Partridge" in Preston. On Sat afternoons we'd meet for a pint, pie & chips, and listen to the Rolling Stones on the jukebox.

Commando, Bonneville, Thruxton


Now I live in Hollywood, CA. I'm lucky enough to have three BRIT bikes and write motorcycle themed songs for my band the Rocking Scoundrels (songs available on iTunes, Amazon, etc).



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