Jeff Sed!ik, LA Clan Leader
El Jefe BIR # 231

I’ve been riding since I was a kid, and have always enjoyed riding and working on bikes. It's not just a distraction. It's a passion, and it makes me whole.

The mountains of California offer some of the best riding around. There is nothing like heading for the hills for a day of riding with friends.

I ride British bikes. My current bikes are a ’74 Norton Commando Interstate, a '74 Triumph Trident T150V, an '07 Triumph Bonneville, a '60 Royal Enfield "VAX" Interceptor "S", and a '54 Matchless G80S.

The Commando is near stock but I run a single Mikuni. After 38 years, she starts on the first kick and roars down the road with power to spare.

The Trident  was the first modern superbike, and for the scream of its three cylinders at full throttle is addicting. I'm running the original trio of Amals and have added a TriSpark and other upgrades to the electrics.


The Bonneville -- Triumph nailed it when they reintroduced the beloved Bonnie.  I've heavily modified my bike. What a great machine.

My VAX Interceptor is one of 158 experimental 700 cc Interceptors scramblers made by Enfield in 1960, two years before they officially launched the Interceptor model as a 750 cc street bike.  The experimental bikes were stamped "VAX" and shipped  from the factory in Redditch England to Cooper Motors in downtown Los Angeles. Too powerful and heavy for the dirt, the bikes were retrofitted and sold with detachable headlights, tail lights and other street trim.  Only a handful of these machines are known to exist today.

The Yamaha, well, it ain't Brit iron, but my first street bike was a 79 SR500 single, and this thumper, designed by Atsushi Ishiyama to echo the early Brit singles, kicks ass!  This will be my son Mason's bike and he is building it out now.

Riding and wrenching on bikes is an important part of my life, and my BIR brothers and sisters are  my extended family.

2007 Triumph Bonneville

1974 Norton Commando Interstate


1960 700cc Royal Enfield VAX Interceptor

'74 Trident T150V

Sandra on our '54 Matchless G80S

Mason and his 79 SR500


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