Jerri Sue
Emma Peel,
BIR #333

Bond Girl by day, “Rebelle” by night is a pretty accurate description. Two wheel travel has been a focus since age five, my first bicycle was red as well as my first motorcycle; the Royal Enfield C5 Bullet.

After a full time gig as a bicycle messenger, I traded the grit and grime of daily life riding the hilly streets of San Fran for the ups n downs of a career in the bond market.

British Motorcycles came into my world during college and a subsequent move to San Francisco. My northern Cal crew started the “BDF” (British Death Fleet) motorcycle club in SF.

After moving to LA with out a car, a BDF pal recommended the new RE Bullet. The C5 has been a great starter motorcycle and I lovingly refer to her as ‘Lil’ Red’.




Exploring Southern Cal via motorcycle has proved to be an invaluable lesson in perspective. The bike and I rode about 900 uneasy miles before hooking up with the BIR. Within a year and a half of riding with the club, Lil’ Red and I have nearly (9k) fun, fab and friendly miles together! Motorcycling has been more exciting than I could have ever imagined. It’s both an honor and a pleasure to be a British Iron Rebel(elle)!


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