Keith Bennett
CA Tonup BIR# 233

I started riding three wheelers and my Honda 50 when I was about 9 or 10.  I actually used my 50 on the streets of our gated community but all of my other riding was off-road.  I got a chance to ride almost all of my dad's street bikes on dirt roads in the desert which prepared me for riding real bikes. 

The first bike that I purchased in 1999 was a '96 Kawasaki ZX-6R in Firecracker Red.  That was a fun bike but within 6 months I realized I needed something more.  When I sold it I bought my first brand new bike which I still have, a 2003 GSX-R750.  I feel it's the perfect size for sport bikes, it's faster than a 600 and not as death defying as a 1000. 

Once the Gixxer was paid for I longed for something different to add to my  collection.  Because I'm not into Harleys I thought an early 70's Norton Commando cafe racer, in black and gold, would be perfect.  While researching Nortons on the Internet I found out that Triumph made the Thruxton, which is what I would have done to the Norton had I bought one.   

I found the last of the 2007s in SoCal at South Bay Triumph, filled out the paperwork, and loaded it in the truck to bring it home.  I changed the pipes, mirrors, and removed the rear fender, so far.  I love riding it, looking at it, and working on it. 

Being a member of the L.A. Clan I ride with fellow members as often as I can and I just dig the camaraderie of riding a British bike.  It draws attention everywhere I go, mostly positive.  There just isn't anything like it.



2007 Triumph Thruxton


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