Kuba Fietkiewicz
Kuba, BIR# 357

My love affair with riding started several years ago with a vintage (read unreliable) 71 Lambretta scooter.

It was loud, it ate and spewed oil, it refused to start, it refused to stop, it argued, and the electrical was a hot mess.

Eventually I got tired of pushing instead of than riding, and decided to settle down with a proper old lady.




Whereas the hot Italian was a fiery love affair, the Bonneville is the young lass that you can take to meet your mother. She doesn’t make a mountain out of a molehill, she makes sure I get to work on time, and on weekends she takes me out on trips to the countryside.


Riding is best done with friends, and the BIR is full of the kind of people you might want to do that with. No politics, no bullshit, just riding.




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