Matt  Brashinger
 BIR# 385

My wife, Kari, and I moved to L.A. looking for the next great adventure, and it turns out to be sharing rides and conversation with hooligans and misfits on British motorcycles, new and old.

Music and laughs. Informal ceremony. Loyalty. Oil on my boot. Corners and long straights.

I couldn't dream of anything better.

I have always had a passion for motorsport, more so for that which takes place on dirt and tarmac.

 Motorcycling has waxed and waned in my life, as have other things. However, The (neo) Bonneville is the one that has made 'motorcycling' stick for me, and certainly not because its perfect. In fact, the beauty is that it isn't perfect, and thus more personal.

I own an '01 Bonneville after riding my life-long friend's '05 T100 in Chicago. It does so many things well enough that you want more, while doing so in the tradition of British bikes of yore. Yes, its in constant revision, as is everything else I own with an internal combustion engine. That's how I like it.

As the the miles ad up, so does do the stories and camaraderie. I am honored to share this with the BIR Los Angeles and Worldwide.


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